Good Diet After Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery procedures have become so refined that recovery periods are now shorter with fewer complications than they have ever been before. However, following your physician’s instructions is critical to a fast recovery and good results. Your doctor will have a number of specific tips to keep you comfortable after your procedure and help with healing.

Follow your physician’s order regarding pain medications. For minor procedures, ibuprofen or Tylenol may be enough to control discomfort. Your doctor will provide a prescription for prescription pain medication if needed for more extensive procedures. Any soreness associated with the procedure should lessen as time goes on. If you have any increase in discomfort, talk to your doctor immediately.

After surgery, tissues of the body release fluids as a defense. These fluids can build up in treated areas and cause significant swelling. In some cases, your physician will provide a support garment to help reduce swelling in the treated area. The doctor may also suggest applying ice to help reduce swelling. The swelling should gradually subside over a period of days. If you have problems with swelling, contact your physician for further advice.

You should be particularly vigilant about sun protection after your cosmetic surgery procedure. New skin will be tender and easily damaged from harsh ultraviolet rays. Use a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF and follow your doctor’s instructions regarding outdoor activities.

Eat a good diet to help facilitate healing. Foods should include fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains to aid in tissue restoration.

Drink plenty of water to aid in healing, flush toxins from the body and provide hydration of cells from the inside of your body. This measure is important whether you have had a minor procedure or more extensive surgery. Hydration helps the body produce the necessary body chemicals for fast healing.

Get Plenty of Rest. Although you may feel fine after your procedure, take the body to let your body heal properly. Your doctor may recommend sleeping in a certain position to aid in healing of the site of surgery. Some procedures require avoidance of vigorous activities for a period of time.
Your physician will advise on when you can begin exercising again.

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