How to Protect Your Food from Pests

When you set your food on the table at night, it’s sitting on your counter, or stored away in your cabinets, the last thing you want to find is uninvited critters that have run amok. Pests of any kind, from ants to mice, can truly be a nuisance, leading to wasted food and unsettling population growth within your home. When you want to rid yourself of pests, pest control and extermination can help you to protect your food. You’ll have peace of mind as well, knowing that your food is safe and sound.

Make Good Use of Your Freezer
When it comes to protecting your grains, such as your rice and flour, it is a good idea to freeze them in airtight containers. This is a good way to keep intruders out and kill any larvae that might already be present. Pop items in the freezer when you buy them, setting some aside in airtight containers for immediate use, and remove them after a week or so. Always make sure your containers seal well.

Try Mylar
Get a supply of mylar bags and use them for a variety of dry goods. Include oxygen absorbers to make sure there will not be any oxygen left behind to help critters breed. When sealed with heat, nothing is going to get in.

Think Glass
Glass storage jars with lids that seal well are excellent for any type of dry good. When it comes to items that will be out for every day use, you definitely want to go with glass. Always remember to include oxygen absorbers to have the best pest control.

Go with Industrial-Strength Buckets
When storing large amounts of grains or beans, you can purchase heavy-duty plastic buckets that will not allow a rodent to get in. Include oxygen absorbers and mylar bags to keep any other uninvited guests away.

Use a Sprinkle of Bay Leaves
Bay leaves are an excellent deterrent for bugs. Simply sprinkle them throughout your beans, grains, and any other dry foods and pests will steer clear of your food.

Don’t Forget About Temperature Control
Don’t allow the temperature for storage to fluctuate dramatically. Not only can this cause food to spoil, it makes it easier for bugs to breed.

When all else fails, contact a professional pest control and extermination service to rid yourself of any problems. From that point, you’ll have a fresh start and can work on keeping those critters under control.

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